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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


[This is my entry for "In Search of Incredible" held by Asus and Indiblogger . Click here to know more about the campaign]

As Dhiren sat back on his comfortable sofa to relax after a tough day at work, he heard a voice- “Your electricity bill is due tomorrow. If you don’t pay, you will incur a fine. In that case, tomorrow, you’ll have to order a ‘simply veg’ pizza instead of your favorite ‘Chicken Golden Light’.” Dhiren frowned. Irritated, he shouted at Zenie, “Then, make the payment! Use the same card I used last month.”

He got up to get himself a cup of strong coffee. By the time the coffee-maker had brewed for him a dose of energy, Zenie happily informed, “Boss, it’s done. You can now have the pizza of your choice tomorrow. By the way, Frominos is offering a 20% discount on ‘Chicken Iniesta’. You might want to try it out- sentiment analysis on customer reviews shows that your friends have really liked it!”

Dhiren was impressed. “Order it tomorrow once I get back from office.”
“Noted, Sir”, replied Zenie.

Dhiren had some homework to do for an important presentation the next day. He wanted to download some reports and read them up. But he was too tired and wanted to watch an episode of The Big Brag Theory. He called out to Zenie, “TBBT Season-3, Episode-8”. In 10 seconds, Zenie had opened up the flap in front of the phone, projected the screen onto the wall, looked up the video on the web and had already started streaming it.

“Wait, Zenie”. The video paused.
“Zenie, after I finish watching this, I want to read the latest Gartner and Forbes Reports on social media and mobility. Have them downloaded. It’s important.”

22 minutes later, when Dhiren had finished watching the video, the flap on the phone shut and he heard Zenie speak, “Reports downloaded. Read up.” He ignored and went off to the balcony to breathe some fresh air.

By the next hour or so, North-bound breeze had conspired with the exhaustion of the day to put Dhiren to sleep on his easy chair. A shrill Zenie shook him up, “Wake up, Sir! There’s a meeting tomorrow and you haven’t gone through the reports yet.” Dhiren was terribly angry. Reluctantly, he said, “Take me to the summary.” As the report automatically scrolled down to the summary page, he glanced through it. The next morning, however, those reports saved Dhiren from a bashing. As he walked out of the meeting room, he smiled at Zenie and quietly uttered, “Thank You.” He drove back home and in 30 minutes, a pizza-boy carrying ‘Chicken Iniesta’ was at his door ringing the bell. Dhiren thanked the pizza-boy, looked at Zenie and thanked him as well.  

I want Dhiren’s intelligent phone. A personal consultant. It’s called Zenie- the 21st century Genie.


  1. What about Zenie rading reports for you and interpreting them for you..hehe good story ...Here's mine -

  2. Thanks, Partha, for dropping by...Will read yours as well :)